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Hi I am Chin-May

I'm an experienced digital product designer with a special interest in AI / ML, data science, and business.

I recently finished my PhD in Cognitive Psychology with a focus on decision-making and evolutionary cognition.

Outside of work, I love soccer, coffee, metal ballads, and philosophy.



Lead Product Designer, Career Karma, Ex-Kayak


"Chin-May is a brilliant and gifted manager who really understands how to get the best out of people. I had the pleasure of working with him at Career Karma, collaborating on several design projects. Chin-May’s biggest strength is his ability to think deeply about the users' problems, conduct research to validate assumptions and make sure we are solving the right problem. I was particularly impressed by Chin-May's ability to handle even the toughest conversations effortlessly. He never loses his cool which is one of the reasons he stands out as a manager. Any employee would be lucky to have Chin-May as a manager!"

UX/Ui Designer & Researcher
@Greenpath Financial Wellness

"As a director, Chin-may excels at supervising, guiding, and motivating members in his product teams. His profound understanding of human-computer interaction, data science, and behavioral economics enabled him to accurately identify solutions needed to improve the corporate digital strategy."

Director of Product Engineering, Career Karma, Ex-15Five

"My 1:1s with Chin May were one of the highlights of my week. He and I collaborated at Career Karma, putting he foundations in place for the cooperation of design, product, and engineering teams. Chin May brings a wealth of wisdom, and delivers it in the most amicable way I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. He regularly offered new and novel perspectives on non-trivial problems, and is an incredible collaborator, motivator, and ideator."

Sr UX Researcher at AnswerLab

"I can speak with conviction, not only to his outstanding strategic thinking but also his ability to build products from scratch. He stands out in the way he uses his user experience skills while making decisions that improve the organization as a whole, demonstrating remarkable business acumen."

Sr Product Designer, Career Karma, Ex-Expedia, Thrive Market

"I had the privilege of working with Chin-May at Career Karma. I’m grateful for this mentorship and guidance on problem discovery, user journey mapping, and countless other design problems. With Chin-May, problems are only seen as opportunities to improve our product for the end users.
He built the design team from the ground up and instilled our best design and research practices. He’s a true leader who inspires, coaches, and motivates. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to work with and learn from him."

Digital Design Director at Rivian

"Chinmay was not only able to deliver high quality research insights, but also significantly contributed to product strategy and business outcomes. He is exceptionally curious and constantly absorbing knowledge from a variety of fields into User Experience research."

Director of Design @ Dynatrance

"Constantly driven by a very healthy and contagious curiosity going well beyond his main crafts (i.e. human factors, behavioral science), Chinmay is able to systematically turn observation and data into key strategic insights that help innovation teams identify and focus on the most important things first. I wholeheartedly recommend Chinmay to anyone looking to improve their customer relationships and transform their business."

Program Manager 
@Greenpath Financial Wellness

"One of Chin-May’s (many) strengths is that he can help you look at problem solving in different ways. He was usually able to see a path forward that no one else did...Chin-May helped me get “unstuck” more times than I can remember."


Honorable Mention StockX Data Contest 2019

Mar 2019 StockX

Teaching Recognition Award

2016, Dept. of Psychology, Oakland University

Campus Leader of the Year

2014, American Psychological Association

Excellence in Campus Leadership

2013 American Psychological Association

Travel and Research Award

2012, Dept. of Psychology, Oakland University

Recognition of Significant Academic Accomplishments at the Graduate Level

2011,  Ball State University


Research + Data

Behavioral Science

UX & Product Strategy




Fall 2009, Winter 2010

Decision Making, Motivation & Emotion: Introduction to the human decision-making process, motivation & emotion in the context of business & management.

Consumer Behavior: A convergence of psychology and economics, looking at human behavior in the marketplace. 


Oakland University Winter 2015, Summer 2016 & Other

Foundations of Contemporary Psychology: This course provides an overview of topics in psychological science for undergraduates across various majors.

Fall 2015, Winter 2016

Basic Psychological Processes: This course focuses on understanding the methods & results of empirical human behavioral research and their applications.

Spring 2010

Intelligence: This course looks at an in-depth overview of human intelligence and cognition, theoretical perspectives & challenges.



Fall 2011 to Spring 2014

Mate Preferences across Cultures
Social Cognition
Measurement in Psychology
Problem Solving
Social Influences

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